Survival Prepper’s Booby Trap Handbook: 10 Simple Booby Traps To Protect Your Family When SHTF

LEARN HOW TO SET UP 10 LETHAL AND DEMORALIZING BOOBY TRAPS TO PROTECT YOUR HOME! Are you prepared for a large scale attack on your property by rioters, looters or terrorists? Do you want to avoid face-to-face confrontation by scaring off intruders, before they reach your house?

In my book Survival Prepper’s Booby Trap Handbook: 10 Simple Booby Traps To Protect Your Family When SHTF I will teach you step by step, exactly how to create 10 different military style booby traps and snares, that you can use in wartime or other SHTF scenario.

No experience is required. If you can follow instructions, you can protect your family with booby traps too.

In this book I will teach you:

  • The tactics of using booby traps
  • The legalities of using booby traps
  • How to think defensively in a survival scenario
  • When to use either lethal, non-lethal or alarm-setting booby traps
  • The precise instructions of how to build and set up 10 different booby traps like:
  • Trip Wire Traps
  • Punji Foot Traps
  • Motion-Activated Flashbangs
  • Pit Traps
  • Swinging Board Traps
  • + 5 more booby traps!
  • + FREE Bonus

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal? Yes – having a book about how to create booby traps is fully legal. It is just information. However, you should always check your local country and state laws about the legalities of actually creating and using the traps in the book. The book will discuss the legalities of using booby traps further.

Do I need woodworking experience? No experience is required, but it will help. I will walk you through what you need to do step by step, so as long as you got the endurance, you will be able to set up functioning booby traps too.


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