SUNCORE Folding Pocket Binoculars 10×22 HD Compact Travel Binoculars Mini Binoculars for Outdoor Birding Sightseeing Hunting Concerts

Product Features

  • power magnification,Lightweight and fits in your pocket,High quality optics with anti-glare,Lightweight and handy to take mini binoculars.
  • Ideal for birding, travelling, sightseeing, hunting, observation of sporting activities and concerts,going climbing and outdoor tourism etc,And good gifts choose for family and friends
  • Strategically placed center-focus knob for easy adjustments,the fixed-ratic 10x,131m/1000m,the vision is much more wide.
  • All optical glass lens, with green film, the image will be more clear and sharp, without any color difference and with wide vision. Night Vision But Can'T Be Used For Totally Pitch-Black Night Vision
  • Includes:binoculars,Lens covers, Soft Carrying Case, user manual and ropes. The bag can be used for storage and the strap can be hung the mini binoculars around the neck. And TWO YEAR VALID WARRANTY,ANY QUALITY ISSUE,PLEASE CONTACT WITH US BY EMAIL SOON.
(as of 06/15/2024 06:06 UTC - Details)

Product Description

1. FMC omnidirectional multilayer coating, high light transmittance imaging sharp fully
2. Large eyepiece > = 10 x large, wide range of vision, watching and comfortable, great experience
3. BAK4 ling mirror, professional equipment, panoramic clear without the dark side
4. Suitable for all kinds of bad environment, waterproof and moistureproof and dustproof mist mouldproof, ensure that the product in various environment, such as wet rain or not carefully into the water can be normal use
5. To better guarantee the high precision optical requirements, using high precision features low cast process, to ensure that the optical effect is better
6. A precise focus, adjust the use in the design, the pulley design more accurate adjustment
7. A hang rope, string hang a rope to tie up in their hands, on out for ease of use The central precision leveling speed adjustable focus and the right eyepiece fine-tuning
8. Center manual focusing, fine-tuning the right eyepiece focal/vision compensation
9. Multi-function, mobile phones, mobile phone holder needs to buy alone) Large center focus knob, convenient and accurate adjustment
10. Reliable performance, quality goods, to crack down on counterfeit
11. Ideal for bird watching, walking, hiking, boating/yacht, traveling, and other outdoor leisure activities, suitable for outdoor activities, hiking, hiking, mountain climbing, travel
12. Comes with a carrying bag, lens cloth How to set up focus
1) Close your right eye, objects, and your left eye
2) The focus of the binocular rotation center focus wheel until the image is clear
3) Open your right eye, close your left eye, rotating right eyepiece, until the object to see very clear
4) The two sides focus (eyes) now, you only need to use the center wheel focus on other objects

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