Moultrie Low Glow 12 MP Mini A20 Long Range Infrared Game Cameras AC-20 (2 Pack)

This package includes 2 Moultrie game cameras. Everything you love about Moultrie’s best-selling A-5 is now even better-and smaller. The new Moultrie AC-20 Mini Game Camera features a durable mini case, 12 megapixels for enhanced image resolution, a 50-foot detection range and a trigger speed of less than 1 second. Get high-end performance, but in an affordable package. The Moultrie AC-20 Mini Game Camera allows you to take high-quality images in vibrant color during the day and enjoy the scouting benefits of a long-range infrared flash at night. With a 12-megapixel resolution, you’ll capture every detail. Featuring a rugged, weather-resistant exterior, easy-to-use interface and an LCD screen.