Moultrie Game Spy 2 Plus Game Camera (2017) | 9 MP | 1.0 s Trigger Speed | 50 Feet Flash | 50 Feet Detection

Product Features

  • Has video capability and 9-megapixel image quality
  • Capture shots of Wild game both near and far, using the 50-foot detection and flash ranges
  • When a game animal is detected, the game spy plus snaps a shot in 1 second, giving you an accurate glimpse of the animal's location and behavior
  • 9 MP | 1.0 S trigger speed | 50 feet flash | 50 feet detection
New Price: $73.98
Old Price: $59.99
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Product Description

Experienced hunters know that sometimes the most basic, uncomplicated hunting Strategies yield the best results, whether in the scouting phase or face-to-face with a Trophy Buck in the woods. With the Moultrie game spy plus game camera, you get everything you need and nothing you don’t with essential technology that delivers reliable scouting materials. Both the flash range and detection range extended up to 50 feet, capturing 9-megapixel Images and videos of local wildlife, so you can prepare for the hunting season efficiently without breaking the bank. A trigger speed of 1 second allows the game spy plus to capture shots of even the swiftest Buck, giving you the chance to gain thorough knowledge about your next Trophy before your paths cross on your hunting adventure.

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