50 lb. Mini Crossbow Pistol Hand Held Gun Archery Hunting Cross Bow w/ 5 Arrows

This Mini-crossbow pistol is perfect for target practice and small-game hunting. It is constructed of impact resistant ABS with an 50-lb. draw weight, metal-limbed bow. It even has adjustable sights already installed for precision accuracy. The mini-crossbow package includes 5 plastic bolts with field tips, bowstring and target! Shoots 150 FPS up to 35 yards. 0.88 lbs Loading instructions: Note: Please follow loading instructions. Failure to do so will break the string. No string replacements are given for misfiring the crossbow, however you may order from the link above. 1. Cock back the string w/ the pull-staff and push pull-staff back to original position. 2. Make sure the side pin is Closed (pushed forward). 3. Load arrow. 4. Click the side pin Open (pushed back). 5. Aim & pull trigger for release. Specification: Draw Weight: 50lbs Weight: 0.98lbs/0.45kgs Length: 12.5inches String length: 17.5inches Limb/Prod: Metal / Iron Barrel: Plastic Package: 5 Plastic arrow; 1 limb; 1 string