2 Person Premium Emergency Survival Bag With 72 Hours of Disaster Preparedness Supplies

When disasters happen, the first 72 hours afterward are often the most harrowing, stressful and dangerous. You could be dealing with extended power outages, washed out roads – even a lack of running water. Emergency personnel are working tirelessly to help those affected, but reaching everyone takes time. That’s why having a disaster preparedness kit is essential to making it through the aftermath of a severe event.

Sustain Supply Co.’s Premium Emergency Go Bag for 2 people lets you take a set-it-and-forget-it attitude to emergency preparedness. You never need to worry if severe weather threatens because you’ve got it covered – everything you need for survival is tucked away all in one convenient backpack. Whether you’re in your home awaiting rescue or have to evacuate suddenly to another location, your kit will help you meet your basic needs.

The most important human need in a crisis is water. Your 2-person kit has 24 packets of Datrex emergency drinking water in it, along with the highest-quality Sawyer Mini water filtration system. The Mini can filter up to 100,000 gallons of water to remove virtually all bacteria and protozoan contaminants, making local water sources like streams or lakes safe to drink from. Don’t run the risk of water-borne illness by consuming unfiltered water.

Once you’ve hydrated, you’ll need to eat. During a prolonged power outage, you may still have access to your gas stove or outdoor grill, and you should use these to prepare the existing food in your fridge and cupboards if possible until you’ve used up all groceries. If this happens, your Emergency Go Bag is your go-to. It contains 12 servings of quality Mountain House freeze-dried food, enough to provide needed nutrients to 2 adults for 72 hours. The food can be rehydrated using the portable stove included in your kit – just place a single-use heat pack in the outer container of the system and add water to heat up food in the inner container.

Your 2-person emergency bag contains many other items to help you weather the disaster comfortably. If you suffer a minor injury during a crisis, medical care may not be immediately available. The first aid kit, with essential items like a variety of bandages, a first aid guide, aspirin, and cleansing wipes, prepares you to care for some common health issues that may arise. During severe weather, the kit’s two emergency blankets keeps you warm and dry by reflecting your body heat when draped loosely over you. And since you may find it necessary to ration drinking water, the kit includes bath wipes for sponge baths so that you can still maintain personal hygiene.

If you find yourself needing a heat source but have no matches or lighters, your Premium Emergency Go Bag delivers yet again. The Ferrocerium rod does not rely on any type of fuel, so you’ll be able to start a fire at any time as long as conditions are dry enough. InstaFire acts as tinder if you’re unable to find anything in or near your home to get your fire going.

With your survival kit, you also get plenty of lighting options. Sometimes you just need a simple flashlight to check on something in the dark. Other times, an LED lantern comes in handy to illuminate a room from a table or shelf. To conserve batteries and still get ample nighttime lighting, or to signal for help, a SnapLight is a perfect solution. Your kit contains all 3 of these so you can choose what you need based on the situation you’re in.

Other items you’ll find in your pack include bowls and utensils and a whistle. Plan to customize your durable bag with copies of important documents, any necessary prescription medication (check expiration dates frequently), replacement batteries and even a deck of cards to stave off boredom until the disaster has passed and you can begin rebuilding your life.